Superfine Boron Silicate Glassfiber (GF) Membrane Filter

Superfine Boron Silicate Glassfiber (GF) Membrane Filter
Product Details


Has a capillary fiber structure
Absorb more moisture than the same cellulose filter paper
Fast flow
High temperature.


Pore size: 1.0 μm
Diameter: Φ70mm, Φ80mm, Φ90mm, Φ95mm, Φ100mm, Φ120mm, 200mm , 250mm
Efficiency: ≥99.99% (dust particles ≥0.3μm)
Resistance: ≤ 5.5mmH2O (airflow than the speed of 0.2 liters / minute square centimeters)
Thickness: 0.23 ±0.03 mm
Maximum operating temperature: 500 ℃


For daily air pollution monitoring and airborne solid pollutants, micro-organisms, oil and acid mist of the special monitoring.
For the collection of high-performance fine particles for water pollution analysis.
Accurate determination in air dust collection.
Glass fiber filter paper (film) for measuring airborne dust concentration

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